January 2012

Casa Lopez Cafe Menu

4411 West Illinois Avenue, Suite B1

Casa Lopez Cafe



is located at 4411 W Illinois Ave. They cook up wonderful tacos, enchiladas, burritos, nachos, and flautas.

They are open 10:00 to 10:10 Monday – Thursday, 9:00 to 10:00

Friday and Saturday, and 9:00 to 9:00 on Sunday.

Call (432) 699-7373 for takeout orders.

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Tater World Menu

802 South Garfield

Tater World located at 802 South Garfield Street, is one my favorite restaurants in the whole wide world.




What’s not to love about this place. Chicken Fried Steaks, Chicken Fried Steaks inside of baked potato’s ala the Boss Tater. Fried Catfish with tater twists on Fridays. Even Ray Charles visited it while he was alive, if you look hard enough you can even find ole Ray’s picture on the wall. This is just a good ole fashioned hole in the wall, greasy spoon kind of place. Just come try it out! Tell em Ray sent ya! Call 432-682-9111 for takeout orders.

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El Super Burrito Menu

703 West Wall Street


El Super Burrito

at 703 West Wall Street is a surprising part of downtown Midland. I’ve driven right by this place for years and never gave it a second look. Step inside and you will be pleasantly surprised, a very modern decor, and a very friendly staff, really will sell you on this restaurant. A friend once told me that they had the best nachos in town. They are now opening late for the bar crowd on Saturday nights, until three o’clock! Super Burrito is a perfect location for anyone who works downtown. Check it and you might find its one of the best Mexican restaurants in Midland! Call (432) 218-6818 for takeout orders.

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El Burrito Menu

1106 North Big Spring Street

sits at 1106 North Big Spring Street, near downtown Midland. They serve up some very food Mexican food. What I know them for is a really good breakfast; you can get a big plate of migas, a really killer burrito. This place is often overlooked, but trust me it’s worth your time to stop in for a visit. Call (432) 683-9701 for takeout orders.


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Tanks’s Bar-B-Que & Catering

401 East Scharbauer Drive




Triple Threat Sports Bar & Grill Menu

12 Meta Drive, Village Shopping Center

Triple Threat Sports Bar & Grill

located at 12 Meta Drive, where the old Lone star Bar and Grill used to be, serves up cold drinks and hot Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

A friendly wait staff will greet you and take care of your every need. The owner is always on site, and takes a hands on approach to his business. The philly cheese steak is his pride and joy, and when you taste it you can immediately see how much time, love , and devotion goes into each and every bite. Flat screen televisions come at you from all angles, so Triple Threat is the perfect place for Monday Night football or watching the fights on Friday night.
Call (432) 683-5300 for takeout orders.

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Great Wall Chinese Restaurant Menu

2215 North Midland Drive, Suite 2C




reat Wall Chinese Restaurant is a takeout only place. we tried eating our meal in there one time but they wouldn’t let us, jk jk. They have incredibly fast service, but I recommend calling it in beforehand. Great Wall is located at 2215 North Midland Drive in the shopping center at the corner of Midland Drive and Neely right next to Sherwin-Williams Paints over by where Crocs used to be. The food from here is amazing.

They also own MD Pizza Factory over on Midkiff street, a very popular place to get pizza.

Call (432) 694-5555 for takeout orders.




Manny’s Italian Village is good Italian food. Manny makes classic Italian dishes which is unusual for the desert of West Texas.

He serves fried green tomatoes when he can get them, wonderful cannoli, and terrific salmon. He could have opened a restaurant in a much larger area such as Dallas or Austin, so we are lucky to have him here in Midland. Be prepared to spend a little more than usual in midland somewhere between 15 and 20 dollars a plate.

Also know that “good food takes time”, so plan on a longer lunch, or a delayed dinner, that gives you plenty of time to share a bottle of wine with your friends or significant other.

Manny’s Italian Village is located at 3211 West Wadley Avenue

Call (432) 684-6595 ‎ for takeout orders.

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Cancun Bar and Grill Menu

223 West Wall Street, Suite 121

Cancun Bar and Grill

Is one of the few downtown restaurants that Midland has to offer. They are famous for their steaks that are seared at 1600°. They also serve up wonderful salads, chile rellenos, fajitas, salmon, and enchiladas. This restaurant is a little pricier than most in Midland, expect entrees to be between $15 and $25 a plate.

Cancun is located at 223 W Wall St.

Call (432) 618-0390 for takeout orders




Michael’s is an airplane themed restaurant located on Wadley and A street,  they serve up BBQ, burgers and more on a Daily basis. They have a huge dining room and an extra party room in the back. Great, reasonably priced food ,in a fun atmosphere, what more could you ask for. Another one of midlands favorite eateries go try it today if you haven’t already!

Find it at 723 West Wadley Avenue

Call (432) 686-9030 ‎for takeout orders

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