Gerardo’s Grill & Cantina Menu

2407 North Big Spring Street

Gerardo’s Grill & Cantina


Located at 2407 North Big Spring Street
In Midland, Texas right across  from Rosa’s Café

Gerardo’s has been serving fine Mexican food in Midland since 1977
That’s two years before I was born, and an eternity in the boom and bust economy of the Permian Basin

Gerardo’s is open Monday-Saturday from 11-9, and Sunday from 11-2.

They serve burritos, nachos, quesadillas, fajitas, chimichangas,
enchiladas, hamburgers, shrimp, and catfish

This restaurant is a staple in any West Texan’s diet,

come try it and see what Midland food is all about


For takeout orders please

call (432) 570-8012

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