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JoJo’s Eatery

A little taste of home. Jojo's Menu now available!

Jojo’s Eatery is located located at 214 West Texas Avenue, in the old Petroleum building. They are open Monday through Friday, and only accept cash or check. No credit cards.

Call 423-682-3134 for takeout orders


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J-Peno’s Cafe & Catering Company Menu

4305 W Illinois Ave # C

J-Peno’s Cafe and Catering Company
is located at 4305 West Illinois Avenue
in Midland, Texas right next to
Metro Equipment & Rental Co and Brianna’s Pizza
Google Maps list this restaurant as Cafe J Peno

J-Peno’s is open for breakfast and lunch most days
and Tuesday through Saturday is open for Dinner from 5-9

They serve everything from breakfast burritos, to omelets, tacos, hamburgers, and gordita’s

Call 432-262-5720 for take out orders

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Cafe J-Peno's Menu

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

111 North Big Spring Street

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant located in downtown Midland, Texas at 111 North Big Spring Street, is a shining oasis in the desert of the Permian Basin.
This is where the locals tell you to go. Good food, good wine, homemade Italian cuisine. I am getting hungry just thinking about it. Luigi’s menu includes; Eggplant Parmesan, Crab Cakes, Pizza, Ravioli, Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Linguine, Penne, Tiramisu, Cannoli.

Luigi’s is perfect for a first date, or for a lunch meeting with the boss. Its only downside is its very limited parking.  All of its parking spaces are taken up by neighboring businesses until after 5 o’clock. On the other hand it is well within walking distance for any downtown worker. Luigis serves up some of the best food in West Texas, and is voted every year as one of Midland’s top restaurants!

Call (432) 683-6363 ‎ for takeout orders

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Kuo’s Chinese Restaurant Menu

3303 North Midkiff, Suite 152

Kuo’s Chinese Restaurant

Is located across the street from the HEB , in the same shopping center as Torino’s Sports bar and Pizzeria Venti. We reviewed Kuo’s a while back, and were very impressed with their General Tso’s Chicken. This place is one of the unsung heroes of Chinese food in Midland.



It doesn’t come up in conversation as much as it needs too. It’s a classy, comfortable place perfect for a evening dinner or wonderful for takeout on a Monday night.

Located at

3303 N Midkiff Rd # 152, Midland, TX

Call (432) 697-8888 for takeout orders

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La Bodega is an interesting places in Midland, they have all the classic Mexican dishes of a normal Mexican restaurant, but they also have some with an interesting twist, like Chile rellenos topped with raisins and pecans.

Twice a year they get Anaheim Chiles in from Mexico, so they can proudly say that they have the best rellenos in town. They have a full bar upstairs. This is one of Midlands older restaurants, seems like it has been here all my life. La Bodega is good Mexican food, reasonably priced, in a classic atmosphere.

La Bodega is located at

2700 North Big Spring Street
Call (432) 684-5594 for takeout orders
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King & I Menu

801 North Big Spring Street & Corner Stone Shopping Center

is ran by our local hero and marathon runner “popcorn” . He has two locations one just north of downtown on Big Spring Street, and one in the Corner shopping center. The impressive thing about the King and I, is its consistency. You will get the same awesome meal every time you go in. I do mention that Thai food and Chinese food are similar but definitely different. I get the sesame chicken every time I visit and it is just perfect.No joke this place is a Midland Treasure. Midland Secret #785, Lunch at the Big Spring street location fills up fast so go early if you want a table.

Two locations for your dining enjoyment; 801 North Big Spring Street  (432) 682-0988 ‎ and 4400 North Midland Drive (432) 699-4677

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