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Mid-Rock Cafe

Burritos, Burgers, and Nachos Ohh My!


I’ve drove by this place a million times, and I finally stopped in and checked it out. Its a nice little place, real close to downtown. Maybe a little a far to walk, but a perfect 2 min drive. They are open from 6 am – 2 pm Monday-Friday. They serve breakfast, and lunch. They also cater, so give them a call for your next office luncheon. Find Mid-Rock Cafe at 512 W Front Street



Call (432) 570-4284 for take-out orders.

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Micaela’s On The Go

Micaela's On The Go feed your need for some great Mexican food!


Micaela’s On The Go is a newer place located at 4411 W Illinois Ave, right next to Casa Lopez, at the corner of Midland and Illinois, close to the Good Will Store.

They serve fast and delicious, breakfast burritos and Mexican lunch plates. Check out their menu down below.

Call 432-689-0920 for call in orders.

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  • Located at 4411 W Illinois Ave Midland, TX 79703-5418
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Moon Garden


Moon Garden is located at 2319 State Highway 250 Loop Frontage Rd right past Best buy. You can slip in by the 7-11 off of Garfield and come around. They are open Tuesday through Friday from 11 am to 2:30 pm and 5 pm to 9:30 pm, and Saturday from 11 am to 9:30 pm and Sunday from 11 pm to 9 pm. Come by anytime for some great Chinese food.


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Montecito Bar & Grill
1811 W. Industrial Ave.

Call 432-897-4377 For Takeout Orders

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Manny’s Italian Village is good Italian food. Manny makes classic Italian dishes which is unusual for the desert of West Texas.

He serves fried green tomatoes when he can get them, wonderful cannoli, and terrific salmon. He could have opened a restaurant in a much larger area such as Dallas or Austin, so we are lucky to have him here in Midland. Be prepared to spend a little more than usual in midland somewhere between 15 and 20 dollars a plate.

Also know that “good food takes time”, so plan on a longer lunch, or a delayed dinner, that gives you plenty of time to share a bottle of wine with your friends or significant other.

Manny’s Italian Village is located at 3211 West Wadley Avenue

Call (432) 684-6595 ‎ for takeout orders.

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Michael’s is an airplane themed restaurant located on Wadley and A street,  they serve up BBQ, burgers and more on a Daily basis. They have a huge dining room and an extra party room in the back. Great, reasonably priced food ,in a fun atmosphere, what more could you ask for. Another one of midlands favorite eateries go try it today if you haven’t already!

Find it at 723 West Wadley Avenue

Call (432) 686-9030 ‎for takeout orders

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Murray’s Menu

3211 West Wadley

Murray’s is a Midland staple featuring burgers, sandwiches and salads.

Order on the menu at lunch and expect table service in the evenings.

Located in the Imperial Shopping Center at 3211 West Wadley next to Gigi’s cupcakes, it is convenient for just about any Midlander. They also offer catering services.

They feature a super burger on their menu, Jalapeno bun, Bacon, Avocado, Swiss, and Cheddar. Ohh gosh it’s wonderful!

Call (432) 697-3433 for takeout orders

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