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Rio Grande Pollos Asados

Rio Grande Pollos Asados get your chicken while it's hot!

Rio Grande Pollos Asados

Rio Grande located at 3709 West Wall Street. Serves up delicious fried chicken, baked potatoes, burgers, ribs, quesadillas, and awesome tacos. They are right next to the Honda Dealership. I tried the #2 yesterday which is a 1/2 chicken with rice, beans, and all the fixins. Really for 8 dollars its quite a value. Seems like you really can’t get a meal for less than 10 dollars these days. Go try it out. They are open 7 days a week, from 10 to 10.


Call 432-694-7084 for call in orders.

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Runway 7 Convenience Store

Best Burritos in Town!!

Runway 7 has been open for 28 years, and is your last stop on business 20 (highway 80)  heading out from Midland to the Midland International Airport. Fill up with gas, grab a candy bar and a diet coke for the wife, drain the family, but whatever you do don’t forget the burritos. This place has excellent food. Take the house burrito for instance, Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hash browns, Swiss and American Cheese and Creole Seasoning. Wow doesn’t that sound awesome! You can find them at 7720 W. Highway 80, and they are open 5:30 am – 8 pm Monday – Friday (grill closes at 3 pm) and 6:30 am – 7 pm (grill closes at 2 pm) on Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

Call (432) 563-9172 for call in orders.

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Pizzeria Venti Menu

3303 North Midkiff Road, Suite 135

Pizzeria Venti is located at 3303 North Midkiff, next to Kuo’s Chinese Food, Torinos Sports Bar and across the street from the HEB. They serve up wonderful rectangle shaped pizzas, baked pasta, timpanini, and gelato. Yes I said Gelato, the only place in town to get it!

Wednesday nights at Pizzeria Venti, they have pizza, salad, and drinks for four people, for $20. That’s a good deal. It always seems to be the perfect amount of food.

This is one of my favorite places to eat pizza in Midland.

Call (432) 689-7220 for takeout orders.

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