Seven days in Midland

Seven days in Midland” or “How to gain 15 pounds in a week”

So you’re stuck in Midland for seven days. Where do you eat?

Take this as a guide, to some of the best West Texas cuisine that Midland has to offer.


Start things off with a burrito, any place on Florida Avenue will get your morning started off right. My recommendation would be, JoJo’s Eatery, Oscar’s Super Burrito, or Mary’s Burritos & More.

Note:  Midland is home to four different food places with the word “super” in them: El Super Burrito, Oscar’s Super Burrito, Super Tacos, and Super Mercado. All excellent and …pause… wait for it…Super places to eat.


Join the majority of Midlandoians, Midlanders, or Midlandites in the revered, ohh so sacred Taco Tuesday weekly ritual. Heed my warning though that getting discount tacos on a Tuesday in Midland is quite popular, and you might have to wait in line. Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory has three locations to feed your fancy. Tip of the day, for lunch go early. During the school year 11:00 will beat the high school rush, even though it is worth mentioning that Rosa’s service is extremely fast and no matter the line, you won’t wait that long.


For lunch get the special at Graham Pharmacy, every week it sells out fast. No week is the same, and you can even call as early as Tuesday to ask what it will be. Even if you miss the special, take time to eat lunch in its old timey soda shop all of their sandwiches, burgers, and salads are exceptionally wonderful.

For dinner head over to Pizzeria Venti, and get the best deal going. A crisp twenty dollar bill, will buy you and three others, drinks, salad, and pizza. The pizza and salad are incredible, very authentic Italian food. Grab some homemade Gelato on your way out, it is the best and only Gelato in town.


Go get a burger, Murray’s, Burgers Fries and Cherry Pies, or the Harvest Café all will satisfy your carnivorous appetite.

@ Murray’s eat the Super Burger, on the jalapeno bun. Bacon, Avocado, Swiss, and Cheddar cheese frame this wonderful creation.

@ Burgers Fries and Cherry Pies eat the Big Bird, on the jalapeno bun. The burger of your dreams topped off with a fried egg. The incredible edible egg.

@ The Harvest Caffe order the Southwest Chipotle Burger,
Spicy green chiles, cheddar cheese, bacon, homemade chipotle sauce on a sourdough bun. It’s got a Texas Sized kick, but trust me you’ll like it.


Friday is unofficially Fried Catfish day in West Texas.  Tater World or Eddie’s Catfish will feed the need for this deep fried delicacy. I highly recommend either venue anytime during the week, but for Tater World they only have catfish on Friday, get the fried catfish and tater twist special. Note: Friday is the only day you can’t get the Boss Tater, the incredibly unique chicken fried steak inside a baked potato. At Eddies only order the one piece catfish, trust me when I say this, two is one filet too many. You get your meal in a brown paper bag, with plenty of lemon wedges, tarter sauce to go around. Ohh I am getting hungry just thinking about it.


Eat and drink your hangover away at “The Bar Breakfast Brunch”. Crawl, down to “The Bar” located at 606 W. Missouri Ave, downtown Midland. Every Saturday from 10-2, they serve up the best brunch. The portions are huge, the drinks go down smooth. I highly recommend “the bar” brunch, get a mimosa or a spicy bloody mary to wash it all down. Take note however that the BEAR standing tall in the back, doesn’t like outsiders. It is customary during your first trip to “the bar” to pay homage to the BEAR, a token of your gratitude, would be to tip your waitress or bartender very well. Weary travelers over the years have attempted to bribe the BEAR, by laying cash, coins, or gold at its feet, and this does seems to please the BEAR.


Skip over to my favorite restaurant in town, Wall Street Bar and Grill, and prepare yourself to be blown away. One of the few finer dining establishments in Midland, this place has endured the years. Through boom or bust, Wall Street has remained a constant in the ever changing landscape of Midland. Go on Sunday morning for the brunch, or any time during the week for EXCELLENT food. Try the Chicken Fried Steak, and always get the house salad, trust me!.


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