Dos Margaritas

Dos Margaritas – Beef Nachos

Traditional Jalisco Style Cooking

Dos Margaritas located

at 1501 North Big Spring Street, serves up some fine Mexican food. After work I wandered in to order some supper. Sweet Spanish music serenaded me upon my entrance, a large television screen played a slide show of menu items.  I ordered beef nachos to go from the hostess up front, and five minutes later I was on my way.

Here’s my nacho nacho breakdown;

Chips and Salsa

 Chips tasted homemade, crispy but not too hard. Salsa, spicy, slightly sweet with a good kick but not overpowering.  Perfect for a gringo such as myself. Salsa came in a 6 oz styrofoam cup very handy for stashing in the fridge afterwards.


Small strips of very tender beef, a generous portion of guacamole, sour cream with a sliced tomato thrown in for good measure. A simple cheese sauce worked well with all the ingredients. All in all a pretty good plate of nachos.

Do yourself a favor and go visit Dos Margaritas, good Mexican food, a friendly staff, reasonably priced, now ask yourself what more do you want?




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