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You are what you eat.


If you’re interested in a healthy lifestyle, then you have to eat healthy. In Midland, the healthiest choice is probably Strawberry Fields. Located on Wadley, the restaurant doubles as a health store. You can find anything from vitamins and healthy living books, to organic cat food made by Paul Newman himself. The restaurant is set up like a cafeteria. Grab a tray and help yourself to soup and salad. Then you find yourself face to face with a man serving entrees. I chose the tortilla soup and asked the nice man to serve me some King Ranch casserole with a slice of organic corn bread. My friend skipped the entrees and went for a turkey sandwich.
Strawberry Fields is BUSY at lunch time. So much so that there was no   place to sit. We had to hunker down on a couch in the library where they keep the healthy living books and magazines. My friend was impressed by the turkey sandwich. The turkey was obviously not processed. It was fresh and hot off the grill. The King Ranch casserole was less impressive. While the ingredients were no doubt fresh, the flavor was lacking. There was no use of seasoning at all. The tortilla soup however was great! And the cornbread? I prefer a little brown sugar in the recipe. I guess that’s not something you would get from a health food restaurant. The price was no more than I would have spent anywhere else, so you can’t tell me it costs too much to eat healthy. Overall, I can’t say that I’m a fanatic of the food or the service. But they do have an impressive business model. Affordable, quick, and the ingredients are purchased from local farms. I only hope they expand their seating area to keep up with the demand.

Written by Mark Caples


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