Speedy Pak Grocery

The Great Burrito Run

of 2012

Saturday morning, I rounded up a few friends in Midland for the Great Burrito Run of 2012.

The plan was simple:

 Taste test several Midland breakfast burritos

Breakdown each burrito by taste, presentation, and cost

Gauge each restaurant for its service, cleanliness, and crowd size

The Mission was Clear: 

Order one burrito from each place.

Burrito must be bacon, egg, and cheese.

Each order must come with salsa.

The morning went off without a hitch, it was perfect burrito weather a little chilly, light fog, not a lot of traffic. The team set out with assignments, retrieved its respective burritos, and convened at 0900 hours back at the hideout. Each burrito was then put under a microscope, so to speak, and things  got serious real fast.  Pictures were taken, notes were scribbled, arguments insured and once the smoke cleared, only the  winners remained. Be forewarned Midlanders, you might not agree 100% with our findings. To each his own I say, after all, some people can be pretty passionate about their favorite burrito. By all means, continue to support the burrito place of your choice.

Just read these few words…take it as food for thought.


Speedy Pak Grocery – 1201 Garden City Highway

Best Burrito for the Buck

Spiciest Salsa

Best Flavor

Best Tortilla

Speedy Pak blew away the competition; they were the cheapest, best, and one of the biggest burritos of the day. 3 bucks cash only, that sold us all. After I ordered my burrito, I watched the lady cook it up for us on the flat grill, and I could just tell by the weight of the bag that I had got my money’s worth. They used a white Mexican cheese in place of the standard cheddar cheese.  Speedy Pak had a wonderful green salsa, but to be honest, it really didn’t need it. This burrito was the clear award winner for the day.

It felt a little bit like Adele at the Grammys…

Speedy Pak Grocery
1201 Garden City Hwy
(432) 683-2600

Payment Accepted: Cash only
Open for Breakfast and Lunch Monday-Saturday
Closed on Sunday
Parking? Yes plenty of parking spaces
Take out? Yes


El Burrito -1106 North Big Spring Street

Best All Around Burrito

Best Salsa

This burrito was the biggest one we tasted all day. It had huge strips of crispy bacon, lots of egg, plenty of cheddar cheese all perfectly cooked on a homemade tortilla. The salsa was a perfect complement to a burrito that was already really good on its own.


El Burrito
1106 North Big Spring Street
(432) 683-9701

Payment Accepted: cash or checks only, atm located inside restaurant
Open for Breakfast and Lunch Tuesday-Saturday
Closed Sunday and Monday
Parking? Yes but very few parking spaces
Take out? Yes


El Super Burrito- 703 West Wall Street

Best Late Night Burrito

Best Decor / Friendliest Staff

El Super Burrito is a really good place to eat, convenient for both downtown workers and high school students. The owner also owns a burrito place in Odessa. The place has a retro chic feel to it and can only be outshined by the friendliness of the worker who greeted us at the front counter.   She also mentioned that they will be open on Saturdays till 3 a.m. from now on. Now in Midland that’s a big deal. For a town that rolls up its sidewalks at dark, any place willing to stay open late is alright in my book!

El Super Burrito
703 West Wall Street
(432) 218-6818

Payment Accepted: cash, checks, credit cards
Monday – Friday 7am-2pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am-3pm
Saturday 10:30pm -3am
Meals served: Breakfast and lunch, and dinner on Saturday night
Parking? Yes several parking spaces, plus downtown parking available
Take out? Yes


 In conclusion, we all walked away very impressed with the burritos we tasted.  All in all it was a pretty good Saturday morning.  Midland has some really good places to eat, sometimes you just have to get out there and try something new!


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